stჩვენ ვეხმარებით მათ, ვისაც შეუძლია თავისი წარმატებული საქმიანობით დაეხმაროს საკუთარ თავსადა გარშემომყოფებს. თუ ბიზნეს იდეა სიცოცხლისუნარიანია, შესაძლებელია საწყისი კაპიტალის (Start-Up) დაფინანსებაც.

expressA short term (60 days) loan for settlement of current obligations. After the expiration of the term of a credit it can be converted into an ordinary loan. Express loan is a short term loan. It is its main peculiarity. In this case the interest rate is lower as compared to other loans.


business Within the limit of the approved credit, the Borrower carries out active and passive operations (it is allowed to withdraw and credit sums as often as the person wishes). 

ipotekaA Loan issued for the purposes of purchasing/repairing the immovable property. Coverage of the loan can be carried out through monthly payments. Though, in the event of the Borrower’s desire it is possible to elaborate any other type of a schedule. Such loan is a long term loan as a rule.

bizBusiness Loans

agroAgro Loans